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Pattaya After Dark

Nightlife, Pattaya
Pattaya Viewpoint at night

Since Pattaya was 'discovered' by American serviceman during the Vietnam War, it has developed from a small fishing village on the Eastern Seaboard of the Gulf of Thailand and gained the title of 'The Rivera of Thailand'.

If you want bars, Pattaya has them in multitudes. There are more bars and more girls in Pattaya than Bangkok! However Bangkok has the edge on variety and extremes of show.

You are never far from a cold beer or a hot (if not hot at least obliging) lady. Traditionally Walking Street is the main bar area, but Pattayaland has many go go bars as well as many other bars. Soi Post Office and Soi Yamato is the next area down, however this area tends to be a little passe'. The current hot area is Soi 7 & 8, whilst Soi 6 has some interesting afternoon/early evening bars and Soi 2 is beginning to happen.

Last Updated: 22 Sep 2011