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Pattaya scuba diving is most popular off the shores of nearby islands. Though it is possible to go diving off Pattaya beaches, the murky waters make it less than desirable. The best Pattaya diving is at the Pattaya islands.

Pattaya Mermaid Dive Center

Pattaya Mermaid Dive Center: Buddy check
Mermaids triangle
Pattaya Mermaid Dive Center: Divers starting the dive
Pattaya Mermaid Dive Center dvers

Mermaids Dive Center is a Thai/English/Danish owned and operated business for 20 years in Jomtien Beach, Thailand. Mermaids are the longest serving Scuba Diving Center in the Pattaya area and is the ONLY Dive Center locally to have been awarded the CDC (Career Development Center) status fr