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Pattaya's nightlife should be systematically explored. There are so many places, from bars to discos to great shows! The variations are endless and there is fun for everybody to be had.

Alcazar Cabaret Show

Performers of the Alcazar Cabaret Show
Glamorous Alcazar Cabaret Show-'Girl'
Singer at Alcazar Cabaret Show
Alcazar Cabaret Show

The most respected cabaret show of Pattaya is Alcazar, located on Pattaya 2nd Road in North Pattaya. The female impersonators at Alcazar are among the best in Thailand. Great music, terrific sets and stunning costumes give the transvestite performers a great chance to entertain up to 1,200

Pattaya After Dark

Pattaya Viewpoint at night
Pattaya Show Transvestites
Pattaya beer bars
Girls at Peppermint Palace Pattaya

Since Pattaya was 'discovered' by American serviceman during the Vietnam War, it has developed from a small fishing village on the Eastern Seaboard of the Gulf of Thailand and gained the title of 'The Rivera of Thailand'. If you want bars, Pattaya has them in multitudes. There are more bar

Pattaya Cabaret Show

Dancers of the Alcazar Cabaret Show
Men or Women?
Fantastic outfits at Pattaya Cabaret Show
Transvestite Domina

Pattaya has many Katoey shows like the Alcazar and Tiffany Transvestite Shows! Tiffany Cabaret Show in Pattaya is known for its very beautiful ladyboys. They have the renowned Miss Tiffany contest yearly. Tiffany Show is on the Second road almost opposite the Big-C shopping center. Alcaza

Tiffany Show Pattaya

Tiffany Show Pattaya
Tiffany Show Pattaya
Tiffany Show Pattaya
Tiffany Show Pattaya

Tiffany Cabaret Show is -- besides Alcazar -- the best-known transvestite show in Pattaya. Nearly 30 years of stage experience, a 1,000- seat capacity thatre and over 100 performers make it one of the longest-running attractions of Pattaya and a must-see for every visitor coming here: a "pa