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Pattaya delivers "Fun and Sun" like no other place. This is truly the entertainment beach capital of Thailand, with hotels for all budgets, more watersports than one can practice in a month, more restaurants than one can eat in a year and more sights to see than anywhere else in the entire kingdom.

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Pattaya Viewpoint on Buddha Hill
Pattaya Skyline
Pattaya Crocodile Farm
Ripley's Believe It Or Not! Museum

Pattaya is most known for its nightlife and has quickly gained the title of 'The Rivera of Thailand'. From the famous Walking Street to the Alcazar and Tiffany Cabaret Shows, many of the things one can do here at night are world-famous. Besides it's exhilarating nightlife, there are many t

Pattaya Sights

Pattaya sights
Pattaya Outlet Mall
Pattaya sights
Pattaya sights

There are people who have stayed for weeks in Pattaya, having seen this beachside city only at night. The main sight of Pattaya however is the beach; just a few years ago, there was not much more than a fishing village here, so there are not many historical sights. However, Pattaya also b