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Pattaya Overview - A Pattaya overview



Overview Articles

Pattaya delivers "Fun and Sun" like no other place. This is truly the entertainment beach capital of Thailand, with hotels for all budgets, more watersports than one can practice in a month, more restaurants than one can eat in a year and more sights to see than anywhere else in the entire kingdom.

Dos and Don'ts of Pattaya    |    International Tourism    |    Land of Smiles - Pattaya    |    National public holidays of Thailand in 2014    |    Pattaya - Inexpensive Luxury    |    Pattaya Entertainment    |    Pattaya for Kids    |    Pattaya for the Entire Family    |    Pattaya Honeymoons    |    Pattaya Lifestyles    |    Pattaya Tourism    |    Pattaya Tourist Traps    |    Pattaya's Magnetism    |    Recommended on a Budget    |    What to Pack

Pattaya Accommodation - Hotel selection guide



Hotel Articles

The wonderful beaches, diverse culture and unparalleled recreation make Pattaya an ideal destination. Choosing the right Pattaya Resort can turn a good trip into a great trip. But what makes one Pattaya Resort better than another?

MICE in Pattaya    |    Only the Best for you    |    Pattaya Hotel Bookings    |    Pattaya Hotel Chains    |    Pattaya Hotels    |    Pattaya Resorts for All Budgets    |    Pattaya Rooms For Every Budget

Pattaya Transport - Hotel transfers



Transport Articles

Pattaya is easily accessible either with direct international flights or from other major tourist destinations within Thailand like Bangkok or Phuket. Scenic overland trips by train, bus or car from Bangkok are also possible.

Bicycle Hire in Pattaya    |    Car Hire in Pattaya    |    Driving in Pattaya    |    Fast ways from Bangkok to Pattaya    |    Getting to Pattaya by Rail    |    Getting to Pattaya by Road    |    Getting to Pattaya – By Air    |    Limousine Services    |    Metered Taxis    |    Motorbikes and Scooter rentals    |    Pattaya Motorcycle Taxis    |    Pattaya to Suvarnabhumi Airport    |    Pattaya's Harleys    |    Public Transport    |    Public Transportation    |    Songthhaew    |    Taxis and Motorbike Taxis    |    Thai Airways    |    Tuk Tuks    |    U-Tapao Airport

Pattaya Activities - What to do



Activities Articles

In addition to the Land of Smiles, I would say Pattaya is the "Land of Sports". You can find 3 international bowling alleys, Thai boxing training and demonstrations, full fledge fitness centers and more golf courses per capita than in Ireland.

Bamrung Sailing and Paramotor Centre    |    Bhira International Circuit Race Course    |    Burapha Golf Club    |    CMT Flying Club    |    Cruise Ships Charter    |    Fairtex Sports Club and Resort    |    Fitness Centres in Pattaya    |    Football in Pattaya    |    Golf in Pattaya    |    Horse Riding and Training Center    |    Kite Fighting in Pattaya    |    Lakeland Water Cable Ski    |    Mini Golf Pub (MG Pub)    |    Paintball World    |    Pattaya for Golfers    |    Pattaya for Swimmers    |    Pattaya for Tennis players    |    Pattaya Go Cart Speedway    |    Pattaya golf: 15 Championship Courses    |    Pattaya golf: golf holidays    |    Pattaya golf: Khao Kheow Country Club    |    Pattaya golf: Laem Chabang International    |    Pattaya golf: Siam Country Club    |    Pattaya golf: St Andrews 2000 Club    |    Pattaya Marathon    |    Pattaya Muay Thai: Thai Boxing    |    Pattaya Shooting Range    |    Pattaya Sports Overview    |    Takraw    |    Tennis    |    Vimantaitalay Submarine    |    Water Sports

Pattaya Attractions - Must see attractions



Attraction Articles

Pattaya literally has something for everyone; the number of activities going on is huge and depending on your time and interests you should select some of these. I'll list them, you pick!

Around Pattaya: Ang Sila    |    Around Pattaya: Chan Ta Then Waterfalls    |    Around Pattaya: Chanthaburi Gemstone Mines    |    Around Pattaya: Drating Waterfall    |    Around Pattaya: Khao Cha Ang    |    Around Pattaya: Laem Chabang Deep Sea Port    |    Around Pattaya: Sriracha Tiger Zoo    |    Gulf of Siam - the Heart of Pattaya    |    Key Attractions in Pattaya    |    Nong Nooch Tropical Garden and Cultural Village    |    Pattaya - Unsurpassed Natural Beauty    |    Pattaya Beach Road: a Virtual Tour    |    Pattaya beaches: Central Pattaya    |    Pattaya beaches: Dong Tan    |    Pattaya beaches: Jomtien Beach    |    Pattaya churches    |    Pattaya Convention Center and Exhibition Hall    |    Pattaya Fishing Villages – A Return to the Past    |    Pattaya islands: Koh Larn (Coral Island)    |    Pattaya islands: Koh Phai (Bamboo Island)    |    Pattaya islands: Surrounding Islands    |    Pattaya museums    |    Pattaya museums: Bottle Art Museum    |    Pattaya Must See    |    Pattaya Parks    |    Pattaya temples: Anek Kusala Sala (Viharnra Sien)    |    Pattaya temples: Wat Khao Cheejan    |    Pattaya temples: Wat Sansuk Suthiwararam (Heaven-Hell Park)    |    Pattaya temples: Wat Yansanwararam    |    Pattaya theme parks: Elephant Village    |    Pattaya theme parks: Khao Kheow Open Zoo    |    Pattaya theme parks: Laser Trek    |    Pattaya theme parks: Million Years Stone Park    |    Pattaya theme parks: Mini Siam    |    Pattaya theme parks: Motion Master Moving Theater    |    Pattaya theme parks: Nong Nooch    |    Pattaya theme parks: Pattaya Water Park    |    Pattaya theme parks: Ripley's Believe It Or Not Museum    |    Pattaya theme parks: Sanctuary of Truth (Prasat Satchatham)    |    Pattaya theme parks: Three Kingdoms    |    Pattaya theme parks: Underwater World    |    Saithip Butterfly Garden    |    Sanctuary of Truth    |    Sights of Pattaya    |    Sightseeing in Pattaya    |    Siripon Orchid Farm    |    Suan Chaloemphrakiat    |    Tham Khao Wong

Pattaya Nightlife - Night life guide



Nightlife Articles

Pattaya's nightlife should be systematically explored. There are so many places, from bars to discos to great shows! The variations are endless and there is fun for everybody to be had.

Alcazar Show in Pattaya    |    Bamboo Bar Pattaya    |    Bars in Pattaya    |    Blues Factory Pattaya    |    Clubs in Pattaya    |    Gay Beer Bars    |    Gay Clubs and Gay Go-Go Bars    |    Hard Rock Café Pattaya    |    Las Vegas Shows in Pattaya    |    Nightlife in Pattaya    |    Pattaya Bar Fines    |    Pattaya Beer Bars    |    Pattaya Discos    |    Pattaya Go-go Clubs and Bars    |    Pattaya Shows    |    Pattaya's Legendary Nights    |    Pattaya: Entertainment Beach Capital    |    Pig and Whistle Pub Pattaya    |    SBI Superstar Action Karaoke    |    Second Road Pattaya    |    Shark Bar and Club Pattaya    |    Shenanigans Pub and Restaurant    |    Something for Everyone    |    The Jazz Pit    |    The Windmill Club    |    Tiffany Show in Pattaya

Pattaya Restaurants - Restaurants guide



Dining Articles

Visiting Pattaya for the first time will give you memories of a lifetime, the people will embrace you, the culture will mesmerize you, but the food... the food and entertainment will captivate you beyond your wildest dreams! Pattaya is "The" gastronomical capital of Southeast Asia; modern culinary fusions were born here, so expect the unexpected!

Amor Restaurant    |    Art Café in Pattaya    |    Big Horn Steakhouse in Pattaya    |    Breakfast in Pattaya    |    Casa Pascal    |    Jameson's Irish Pub    |    Kabuto Yakiniku Japanese Restaurant    |    L'Ami Pierrot Bistro    |    La Notte Pub and Restaurant    |    Lobster Pot    |    Mantra Bar Pattaya    |    Pattaya Must Eat    |    Pattaya Restaurants    |    PIC Kitchen    |    Pink Lady Restaurant    |    Queen Victoria Inn    |    Queens Jomtien Musical Bar and Restaurant    |    Recommended Restaurants in Pattaya    |    Recommended Trendy Restaurants in Pattaya    |    Sanong - Brussels Resto-Bistro    |    Tamnanpar Forest Restaurant    |    Tequila Reef Cantina and Restaurant    |    The Mez Restaurant    |    The Rice Mill

Pattaya Shopping - Where to shop and what to buy



Shopping Articles

Pattaya is a true shopping paradise and you will be lucky if your luggage does not double in weight during your stay here.

A Shoppers Paradise    |    Gems    |    Mike Shopping Mall    |    Pattaya jewelry    |    Pattaya Malls    |    Pattaya Shopping    |    Royal Plaza Garden

Pattaya Weather - Weather and climate



Weather Articles

Pattay has a tropical climate with three seasons: Hot (March-May), Rainy (June-October) and Cool (November-February). It is hot all year round, there is little difference between the hottest and coolest months, and average temperatures are around 27° C.

Pattaya weather

Pattaya Culture - Culture and language tips



Culture Articles

In Pattaya, as in all of Thailand, people have a lot of respect for older folks and usually they are addressed as Pee meaning older brother or sister. A term of endearment for youngsters is calling them Nong which means little brother or sister. In restaurants is better to address the staff as Pee or Nong than waiter or waitress.

Buddhism in Pattaya    |    Cultural Melting Pot Pattaya    |    Grand Pattaya International Music Festival    |    Local People    |    Loy Krathong in Pattaya    |    Miss Pattaya Beauty Contest    |    Pattaya Buffalo Races    |    Pattaya – Fishing Village to Vacation Mecca    |    Pattaya: the people    |    Songkran Festival in Pattaya    |    The Pattaya Gay Festival

Pattaya Business - Business guide



Business Articles

Pattaya used to be a small fishing village until it was discovered by the American GI's looking for R&R during the late 50's and early 60's, but all that is long gone, today Pattaya is the largest beach resort area in Thailand.

Corporate Travelers    |    Currency and Money    |    International Post Office    |    Pattaya as a trading center    |    Recommended for business in Pattaya

Pattaya Realestate - Houses and land for sale



Realestate Articles
The Pattaya Travel Guide Index lets you quickly navigate through the full Pattaya Travel Guide, so you find what you need, when you need it. In addition to the Travel Guide of Pattaya there are also many Pattaya Articles available to view which offer recommendations and other useful advice on more specific topics.

Pattaya condominiums    |    Pattaya Houses

Pattaya Health - Spas and health



Health Articles

Pattaya retreats are a great alternative to traditional resorts and hotels in Pattaya. There a number of unique retreats that may be worth your consideration.

Pattaya International Hospital    |    Pattaya Memorial Hospital    |    Pattaya spas: Healthland Spa

Pattaya Diving - Scuba diving and dive sites



Diving Articles

Pattaya scuba diving is most popular off the shores of nearby islands. Though it is possible to go diving off Pattaya beaches, the murky waters make it less than desirable. The best Pattaya diving is at the Pattaya islands.

Mermaid Dive Centre