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Pattaya Resorts for All Budgets

Pattaya Accommodation | Booking a hotel in Pattaya at the right price for you

Pattaya resorts vary greatly in price and quality. Many people search for Pattaya resorts based on a specific budget. Pattaya resorts provide you with an opportunity to enjoy an amazing holiday or business trip in this amazing resort city.

Mantra Pura Resort And Spa

Mantra Pura Resort And Spa


Luxury Resorts in Pattaya (5 star resorts)

These 5-star resorts are the most expensive resorts in Pattaya but also represent the best resorts in the city. The prices vary depending on the season and the availability of the hotel.

The most highly recommended of the 5-star resorts in Pattaya are: Aisawan Resort & Spa, Mantra Pura Resort & Spa, Nirvana Place, Garden Cliff Resort & Spa and Siam Bayshore Resort & Spa.

High-End Resorts in Pattaya (4-star and nearly 5-star resorts)

Each of these resorts offers outstanding accommodations and service. These hotels are somewhat more economical than the luxury resorts and those marked with an asterisk are even more economical.

Consider staying at any of these resorts: Marriot Pattaya Resort and Spa, Sheraton Pattaya Resort, Royal Cliff Beach Resort (Pattaya Beach), Dusit Resort (Pattaya Beach), Royal Orchid Resort* (Pattaya Beach), Garden Cliff Resort (Naklua) and Siam Bayshore Resort (Pattaya Beach).

Moderately Priced Resorts (3 star minimum)

The 3-star resorts all offer quality service and accommodations. These resorts are significantly more economical than the luxury resorts. You may wish to consider: Sigma Resort Jomtien (Pattaya Beach) and Amari Orchid Resort.

These are the Pattaya resorts for all budgets. Keep in mind that "unregistered guests" may require you to pay a surcharge and many resorts have strict rules on bringing in unregistered guests as a way of curtailing prostitution.

The rates of these resorts will vary depending on the time of the year and the availability of rooms at that resort and similar quality resorts. The lower priced resorts generally can be booked closer to the date of stay, while the more popular and higher quality resorts will require some advance booking in most instances.

Many visitors rate the following resorts as the best when considering overall quality and price: Siam Bayshore Resort, Royal Cliff Beach Resort, Dusit Resort, Marriott Pattaya Resort & Spa, Sigma Resort Jomtien, Rabbit Resort, Royal Orchid Resort and Sheraton Pattaya Resort.

Resorts on the beach are extremely popular because Pattaya is known for its beaches with the two primary beaches being Pattaya Beach and Jomtien Beach. Most resorts also offer dining options, nightlife and recreation on premises.

With a wide array of resorts in Pattaya it is possible to find Pattaya resorts for all budgets.

Last Updated: 19 Mar 2012