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Pattaya rooms to meet virtually any budget can easily be found. There are many different types of accommodations ranging from 2 and 3 star venues to 4 and 5 star venues. Choosing which Pattaya rooms interest you the most will depend on your plans, needs and overall budget.

Woodlands Hotel And Resort Pattaya

Woodlands Hotel And Resort Pattaya


Pattaya Rooms - 5-Star Budget

For those travelers who like to travel in style, there are Pattaya rooms at some of the finest hotels and resorts. 5-star hotels and resorts have superior accommodations, amenities, quality and service.

Some of the most popular 5-star venues in Pattaya are: Ambassador City Jomtien Pattaya, Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya, Royal Cliff Beach Resort, Royal Cliff Grand Pattaya, Royal Cliff Terrace Pattaya, Royal Wing & Spa Pattaya and Sheraton Pattaya Resort.

Pattaya Rooms - 4-Star Budget

Pattaya hotels and resorts that have a 4-star rating are upscale hotels that offer outstanding services, accommodations and amenities. There are a number of hotels and resorts in Pattaya that have achieved a 4-star rating and give you affordable luxury when researching Pattaya rooms.

Among the most popular 4-star venues in Pattaya are: Amari Orchid Resort, Asia Pattaya Beach Hotel, Eravana Spa & Resort, Garden Sea View Resort, Jomtien Palm Beach Resort & Hotel, Montien Pattaya Hotel, Royal Orchid Pattaya, Siam Bayshore Resort, The Horseshoe Point Resort, Tim Boutique Hotel Pattaya and Woodlands Hotel & Resort.

Pattaya Rooms - 3-Star Budget

Many travelers choose 3-star hotels. These hotels offer good value, clean accommodations and many of the amenities travelers expect. Business travelers often choose 3-star hotels.

Some of the most popular 3-star hotels include: All Seasons Pattaya, A-One The Royal Cruise Hotel, Chaba Hut Resort, Pattaya Park Beach Resort, Sawasdee Sea Resort, Sigma Resort Jomtien, Sunshine Residences Pattaya and Sunshine Hotel Pattaya.

When looking into Pattaya rooms you may also want to consider their proximity to some of the most popular attractions in the city including: Pattaya Beach, Jomtien Beach, Pattaya Elephan Village, Sri Racha Tiger Zoo, Mini Siam and Mini Europe, Koh Laan, Sanctuary of Truth, Pattaya Water Park, Alangkarn and Suan Nong Nooch Tropical Garden.

Most hotels and resorts in Pattaya are within walking distance or a short drive to the most popular attractions, golf courses, restaurants, museums and temples. Business travelers and holiday travelers often marvel at the options they have when they travel to Pattaya, a city rich with tradition, culture and attractions. It all begins with your research and selection of Pattaya rooms.

Last Updated: 19 Mar 2012