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Pattaya golf: St Andrews 2000 Club

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St Andrews 2000 Golf Club Pattaya

When golfers first heard that there was a golf course opening in Pattaya with the name St. Andrews many people wondered aloud if it could live up to the big name. Few names are as known in golf as St. Andrews...

Still, Saint Andrews in Pattaya had significant hype building up prior to it opening. St. Andrews in Pattaya lived up to the hype and even surpassed. This incredible course designed by Desmond Muirhead's is expected to become the most famous golf course in Pattaya.

St. Andrews in Pattaya is extremely challenging so you may want to cut your nightlife short the night before and rest up. You will want to be at your physical and psychological best when you tackle St. Andrews.

The unique, pristine, dramatic and challenging course is a masterpiece. You will see as many golfers with a camera in hand as you will see with a club in hand. Golfers who have experienced golf around the world are quick to list St. Andrews in Pattaya at or near the top of their list for favorite golf courses.

This parkland course is stunning and some of the holes will make you wonder where you are, Pattaya or the foothills of Arizona. The elevated trees and picture perfect views will confuse you about distance and add to the challenge of the hole. You will have a choice of fairways on some of the holes to see if you are up for the challenge.

The professional, friendly and meticulous staff at Saint Andrews in Pattaya will help make sure you enjoy your day. The course is beautifully maintained and a pleasure to play on.

There are two par six holes which are a real challenge. Many golfers have never experienced a par six hole and at St. Andrews in Pattaya you will be challenged with two. The course is both a physical and mental challenge - try not to get confused or mesmerized by the scenery, especially the water.

Golf in Pattaya was spectacular before St. Andrews in Pattaya was opened, now golf in Pattaya is legendary. Anyone visiting Pattaya that wants a real challenge should play a round or two at St. Andrews in Pattaya.

Last Updated: 19 May 2008

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