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Bamrung Sailing and Paramotor Centre

Pattaya Activities | Pattaya Sailing and Water Sports

Pattaya water sports including Pattaya sailing are among the main attractions for Pattaya. People travel from around the world to enjoy great Pattaya recreation and water sports. Diving, sailing, parasailing, swimming and yachting are among the most popular Pattaya water sports and Bamrung Sailing and Paramotor Centre is a hub.

This great Pattaya sailing facility is located at Huai Sak Nok Reservoir. You can enjoy many different water sports including instruction on each of them. Some of the Pattaya water sports available here include: windsurfing, sailing, paramotors and para-gliding. You can get courses by the hour in each of these and earn your certificates from the Royal Yacht Association which is a renowned British Institution.

Pattaya Water Sports & Relaxation

Enjoying Pattaya water sports is a great way to spend your holiday. Adding some recreation and relaxation also helps. Bamrung Sailing and Paramotor Centre offers restaurants for dining and plenty of recreation. You can rent boats, canoes, catamarans and kayaks.

There is a relaxed atmosphere at the venue which makes visitors feel comfortable and helps them enjoy the many different Pattaya water sports at their disposal. Many people visit the centre to enjoy great outdoor recreation in a relaxed atmosphere away from the more crowded beaches of Pattaya like Pattaya Beach and Jomtien Beach.

Water sports fans are greatly encouraged to explore Pattaya water sports. The staff at Bamrung Sailing and Paramotor Centre aim to please and are very accommodating. The instruction makes it safe and enjoyable to explore new water sports or hone your skills on water sports you are familiar with.

The Pattaya water sports available at the centre are perfect for the entire family. Whether people prefer to watch or participate in Pattaya water sports, Bamrung Sailing and Paramotor Centre is the perfect location to explore the wonderful world of Pattaya water sports.

Last Updated: 27 Sep 2007