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Bhira International Circuit Race Course

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Auto racing is the most popular spectator sport in the world. There are few Pattaya sights as electrifying as the weekend races at Bhira International Circuit Race Course in Pattaya.

The auto racing and motorcycle racing every weekend in Pattaya is one of the most exhilarating Pattaya sights. Perfect for business travelers, families, singles, couples or groups the Bhira International Circuit Race Course is a focal point of Pattaya sports.

Nights in Pattaya are filled with things to do including the nightlife that makes Pattaya internationally known. During the day there are many Pattaya sights to see ranging from zoos and parks to museums and shops. Pattaya sports attractions are equally popular and include everything from golf and swimming to water sports and Pattaya racing.

Bhira International Circuit Race Course

Located on State Highway 36, Pattaya-Rayong, the weekend races are among the most popular Pattaya sports attractions. Pattaya racing is as popular as football, golf, tennis and water sports.

Local residents, people from around Thailand and visitors alike enjoy the speed and excitement of International circuit racing in Pattaya. It is important to distinguish this venue from Pattaya Go Cart Speedway, unlike the speedway you will not be the one behind the wheel when you visit Bhira International Circuit Race Course.

You can have a full and enjoyable day at Bhira International and enjoy Pattaya racing at its best. Add a great meal and some after dinner drinks and you have the perfect weekend day in Pattaya.

Some good restaurants to consider include: Art Heidelberg (German) Henry J. Bean's (Mexican, Steak), Lobster Pot (Seafood), PIC Kitchen.(Thai), Bruno's (French), Royal Cliff Beach Hotel (Indian) and Shenanigans (Pub).

There will be no shortage of beer bars, cabaret bars and go-go bars to enjoy an after race drink at to complete your Pattaya experience centered around Pattaya sports, specifically Pattaya racing at Bhira International Circuit Race Course.

Last Updated: 19 May 2008