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CMT Flying Club

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CMT Flying Club is located in Chonburi Province. The flying club celebrated its 10th anniversary in 2006. The CMT Flying Club offers a full range of sports aviation services and facilities to its members as well as to visitors who love aviation.

The Club has a 300-meter grass runway (with 100 meter approaches at both ends) certified by the Thai Department of Aviation. The Club also has aircraft hangars, RC model workshops and pre-flight setup areas, an authorized repair center, flying school, restaurant, lounge, children's playground and hobby shop. With so many offerings you can see why many visitors enjoy a trip to CMT flying club to enjoy family-friendly Pattaya recreation.

CMT Flying Club - Staff

The staff at CMT Flying Club is experienced, knowledgeable and friendly. There are a number of certified flight instructors, pilots and mechanics on staff as well as sales representatives ready to give pointers, tips and instruction.

Visitors looking for family-friendly Pattaya recreation will enjoy a trip to CMT Flying Club whether you are serious about aviation or just curious. Equally intriguing to the serious aviator and the novice aviator, the CMT Flying Club is one of the more unique Pattaya attractions.

Family Friendly Recreation: Sightseeing Tours

What better way to see all of Pattaya and sits surrounding areas than by air? CMT Flying Club offers sightseeing flights with one of the Club's licensed instructors. These sightseeing flights are special introductory flights for a very reasonable 1,500 Baht per 15 minutes of engine-running time.

Flying courses are also available and range in duration, price and level. You should consult with the Club about courses before booking one in order to make sure you qualify for the course and the course can accomplish what you want it to.

Visitors with an interest in aviation are encouraged to visit CMT Flying Club and enjoy this great family-friendly Pattaya attraction.

Last Updated: 27 Sep 2007