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Fairtex Sports Club and Resort

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Visitors to Pattaya looking for the premier Pattaya Sports Club should consider Fairtex Sports Club & Resort in Pattaya. The luxurious sports center includes a Muay Thai fitness camp and an entire menu of other sports activities and instruction.

This newest of the Pattaya sports clubs has state of the art facilities and top of the line accommodations which make this the premier Pattaya sports club.

Located in Pattaya, a resort community known for amazing water sports and land sports, Pattaya Fairtex is one of the leading sports facilities in Pattaya and the surrounding area. Fitness buffs visiting Pattaya are strongly encouraged to consider Fairtex Sports Club & Resort to meet their fitness and sporting needs.

The Pattaya Fairtex Sports Club offers a number of different and unique programs designed to be as rewarding for serious athletes as they are for novice or casual athletes. Fairtex is nearly universally considered the premier Pattaya sports club.

Last Updated: 19 May 2008