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Football in Pattaya

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Football in Pattaya (soccer for those of you living in America) is popular among Pattaya sports and it continues to gain popularity. Football in Pattaya has even resulted in a spin-off called Beach Football which is one of the more unique Pattaya sports.

When you combine football with the legendary beaches of Pattaya, you can imagine that beach football would be a great event to participate in or watch. Beach football in Pattaya has three 12-minute periods and there are five players on each team including the goalkeeper. Generally the beach version of football in Pattaya is played barefoot unlike virtually all other Pattaya sports.

There are a number of local football teams and students often play football in school. Many visitors to Pattaya enjoy watching a match while visiting the city. It is common for pick-up games to be started on the beach, in fields and of course on soccer fields.


It is important to remember when attending football in Pattaya or any other sports match that residents of Thailand tend to be very accommodating and generally find rudeness unacceptable. Humiliating and taunting a Thai person is considered highly insulting and should be avoided at all times.

Overzealous fans from other nations can sometimes offend the sensibilities of the typical Thai fan. Though most people in Pattaya and the whole of Thailand understand the cultural differences, rudeness and taunting is never considered acceptable.

You should show respect during the playing of the national anthem. Do not speak during the anthem and show proper respect to the Royal Family if they are present at the football match. People show great respect and deference to royalty, tradition and their national anthem.

Attending football in Pattaya could be an inexpensive way to enjoy a group outing. You and your family can watch football in Pattaya while enjoying learning a little about the culture of Thailand and how sport and culture mix during a football match.

Whether you are watching traditional football in Pattaya or beach football in Pattaya, you are sure to have the opportunity to see well trained athletes playing a game they love. Out of town guests get the opportunity to see one of the world's most popular sports and learn a little more about Pattaya.

You are encouraged to see football in Pattaya if you have a chance to, especially if you have the chance to watch or participate in beach football in Pattaya.

Last Updated: 27 Sep 2007