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Pattaya Go Cart Speedway

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Pattaya recreation is as diverse as its nightlife. There is something for everyone to do especially when it comes to Pattaya sports. Whether you are an indoor sports fan or an outdoor sports fan or you like all sports you will find plenty of great Pattaya recreation.

One of the most exciting Pattaya sports is the Miniature Racetrack, the Pattaya Go Cart Speedway (Go Kart if you are Thai). This is one of the most exciting Pattaya family attractions but keep in mind that children will not be permitted on all of the go-cart courses. But they can enjoy watching people fly around the racetrack doing their best to impersonate a racecar driver on the more advanced tracks.

There are tracks for beginners as well as experienced drivers. They also offer cart sizes for children and duos.

After you have enjoyed the racing portion of one of the most popular Pattaya family attractions you can try some bungee jumping or paintball fights! It is very easy to see why people can spend the day enjoy these Pattaya sports.

The cost for this Pattaya recreation ranges from 250 Baht to about 600 Baht for adults, children pay 150 Baht. Considering the amount of recreation offered this is very reasonably priced and a great way for you and your family to enjoy one of the most popular Pattaya family attractions.

Miniature Racetrack - After Activities Dining

After you and your family enjoying some great Pattaya recreation you probably have worked up an appetite. Traveling with family can be tough on the budget so you should try one of the lower or mid-priced restaurants Pattaya has to offer. We recommend you explore: Art Heidelberg (German), Henry J. Bean's (Mexican, Steak), Lobster Pot (Seafood), PIC Kitchen (Thai), Ali Baba (Indian), Ciao (Pizza/Italian), JJ Pizza (Pizza/Italian), Queen Victoria Inn (English Pub), Rice Mill (Chinese), Vientiane (Thai, Indonesian), Tips (Breakfast) and Pig 'n Whistle (English Pub).

Combining great Pattaya recreation like the miniature race track with some good food is the perfect way for you and your family to enjoy Pattaya and the great Pattaya family attractions.

Last Updated: 19 May 2008