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Pattaya golf: Laem Chabang International

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Of all the Pattaya golf courses, Laem Chabang International is one of the most talked about in all of Pattaya. Considered to be one of, if not the finest golf course in all of Thailand Laem Chabang has won its share of awards and recognitions.

Laem Chabang was designed by Jack Nicklaus. Many people who are familiar with his golf courses will say that Laem Chabang is Nicklaus' best course, in fact it is reported that Jack Nicklaus himself said Laem Chabang is his finest.

Laem Chabang has three nine-holes named: Mountain, Lake and Valley. Chiseled masterfully into the landscape of Chonburi, these holes are a visual delight and a real challenge to any golfer.

Pattaya golf courses may number over 20 but only a few come close to the caliber of Laem Chabang. Club selection will play heavily into your success, elevated trees and a few raised greens add to the challenge of the course.

If you are fortunate enough to get to play at Laem Chabang you will want to arrive early and get some time at the practice area. Laem Chabang also boasts the best clubhouse in the area making Laem Chabang one of the ultimate golf courses in Pattaya. Every aspect of the course has been well thought out and executed. The staff is professional and accommodating and there to ensure you have a splendid round of gold on your holiday or business trip.

The popularity of playing on one of the Pattaya golf courses can make it a challenge to reserve tee time, but the early bird does catch the worm so reserve your time as soon as you possibly can. As with all of the Pattaya golf courses, when playing at Laem Chabang make sure you observe all the course rules so you and those around you can enjoy some spectacular golf on the legendary course of Laem Chabang.

Last Updated: 19 May 2008