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Pattaya golf: Khao Kheow Country Club

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Khao Kheow Country Club

Khao Kheow is considered by many golfers to be among the best golf courses in Pattaya. This breathtaking and challenging course designed by Peter Doyle is a real challenge to visiting and local golfers looking for the best golf in Pattaya.

Khao Kheow has innocent looking rolling fairways with some serious bunkers and hazards. Many golfers playing Khao Kheow can be seen with a look of wonder and even shock trying to figure out how their ball ended up where it did.

One of the biggest challenges of the course is recognizing that the most innocent of holes can be the trickiest. The illusion of an easy short hole can be turned into a nightmare when your ball sits in a bunker.

All but ten of the 27-holes at Khao Kheow are protected by water and many of the holes have long stretches of sand that will make you focus more on staying out of trouble than smashing the ball.

Golf in Pattaya on a course like Khao Kheow represents a glorious challenge for the golfer.

Golf in Pattaya: Khao Kheow Visuals

Golf is as much about a game of skill as it is about enjoy wonderful scenery and lush grounds. Khao Kheow has both challenging golf and breath-taking scenery. You will enter a jungle that appears tropical and serene and then hope to get your shot in before a tropical bird cries. The setting makes it both breathtaking and challenging.

The signature hole at Khao Kheow is the 8th hole. The 128-yard par 3-hole had an island green that makes it challenging and stunning. As you face the hole you see Chonburi mountain peak and the majestic clubhouse to make this hole as visually appealing as it is challenging.

Golf in Pattaya is not complete without a visit to Khao Kheow and at least one round of golf on the legendary course. An easy drive from most hotels and resorts in Pattaya, put Khao Kheow on your list of the best golf courses in Pattaya.

Last Updated: 19 May 2008

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Khao Kheow Country Club
Khao Kheow Country Club
Khao Kheow Country Club
Khao Kheow Country Club