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Kite Fighting in Pattaya

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Kite fighting in Pattaya is one of the most unique Pattaya attractions and is a spectacle that should be experienced if possible. There is a deep and rich history behind kite fighting in Pattaya. Any visitor with the opportunity to watch kite fighting in Pattaya should definitely watch it.

Kite Fighting in Pattaya - The Chula

A kite fight is between a Chula and a Pakpao. The Chula kite looks like a 5-pointed star, though it only has one sharp point and one "triangle" that has straight sides. When on the ground the Chula looks like a man wearing a pointed hat with legs wide apart and arms akimbo.

A Chula is 7 feet high and is quite heavy. It takes several people to manage the Chula when in flight. Each Chula has three craws on its string, each 8 inches from the other. These craws are made out of bamboo and they are what is used to entangle the string of the Pakpao.

Kite Fighting in Pattaya - The Pakpao

The Pakpao is diamond shaped and has a long tail. It is no more than 32 inches long, so it is much smaller than the Chula. The niang is its weapon. This is a loop formed under its point and is used to capture the enemy.

The Chula and Pakpao are unlike any other kite in their design and function. These kites are made to be very deft in the air. These kites require highly skilled handlers in order to function properly.

How it Works

There are two sections of the field - the windward and the leeward. The Chula team is on the windward side, the Pakpao team is on the leeward side. The point of the contest is for the Chula to try to catch the Pakpao and bring it to its side of the field. The Pakpao's goal is to prevent this from happening and to get the Pakpao to drop in its own side of the field.

These kite fighting shows are spectacular and there is typically a lot of fanfare surrounding one. First-time viewers are often surprised at how powerful and graceful the kites are and how highly skilled their handlers are. There are few sites as impressive as watching kite fighting in Pattaya.

Last Updated: 27 Sep 2007