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Lakeland Water Cable Ski

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Pattaya water sports are one of the resort community's biggest attractions. The legendary beaches of Pattaya and the water sports in, on and under them make Pattaya one of the most enjoyed destinations for travelers who appreciate great water sports.

Among the Pattaya water sports becoming increasingly more popular is water skiing. Pattaya water skiing, especially at Lakeland Water Cable Ski is one of the premier water sports in town.

At Lakeland Water Cable Ski you can ski around an incredible fresh water lake as you practice your technique and perhaps even master a trick or two. Take lessons and enjoy this great water sport.

The price for admission to Lakeland Water Cable Ski is 300 Baht for approximately 2 hours. You will want to consider Pattaya water skiing on days that the weather is best suited for water skiing. About 5 kilometers outside of Pattaya on Sukhumvit Highway, Lakeland Water Cable Ski is a great morning or afternoon of fun without spending an hour or longer in a car, taxi or songthaew.

Pattaya Water Skiing - Cable Skiing

Many visitors prefer to explore cable water skiing because it is considered a little more safe than being towed by a sea boat deep out to sea. Beginning water skiers generally prefer to first get their feet wet, no pun intended, with cable water skiing before trying water skiing on the back of a speed boat.

Pattaya water skiing at Lakeland Water Cable Ski is a great way to introduce yourself or your friends and family to water skiing. The picturesque lake and reasonable price makes this a great choice for Pattaya water sports, especially those looking for opportunities for Pattaya water skiing.

Last Updated: 27 Sep 2007