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Paintball World

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Paintball World is an example of Pattaya recreation that keeps you active while you have fun! Paintball World is a 5,000 square foot venue on Jomtien Beach Road that can accommodate large and small groups.

You can enjoy this great example of Pattaya recreation indoors or outdoors. The indoor facility includes a target practice range and the outdoor facility allows you to have a great paintball battle.

The computer-controlled target range has 42 different targets and people can watch you take aim and impress, or fail to impress especially after a drink or two in the on-premises bar at the clubhouse.

Pattaya for Families: Paint World Battle

Pattaya for families looking for fun and adventure should include a trip to Paint World. You can fight against one another or as a team in a friendly yet competitive round of paintball.

The venue is as serious about safety as it is about fun, so families can feel confident that they are experiencing Pattaya family-fun without much danger or risk of injury. This venue is fully equipped and offers a clubhouse that serves food and beverages so you can spend an entire afternoon with the family.

Paintball World has tournaments that you can join if you are in town during the dates. What can be more fun than you and your family entering a paintball tournament while on holiday in Pattaya.

The staff at Paintball World work hard to make sure all visitors have fun whether its your first time enjoying paintball or you are an experienced and highly competitive paintball fan.

Pattaya recreation is one of its main draws and Paintball World is one of the most fun venues for recreation and an example of fun in Pattaya for families.

Visit Paintball World while in Pattaya and bring your camera to take photos of your winning or losing match!

Last Updated: 20 Mar 2008