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The Pattaya Marathon represents one of the most grueling and challenging experiences in all of Pattaya sports. A marathon is as much a testament to will as training and skill. The 26.2 mile race is a challenge that less than 1% of the world's population will experience.

The Pattaya Marathon offers opportunities for runners to complete the full marathon, as well as the half-marathon and quarter-marathon. Elite runners and runners from far and wide participate in the Pattaya marathon.

What makes the Pattaya Marathon unique? Like every marathon it is 26.2 miles, but what makes the Pattaya marathon one of the most unique is the fact that runners will be on a course that takes them past wonderful beaches, great resorts, stunning temples, go-go bars, gay bars, residential areas and businesses. There is simply no marathon in the world as unique as the Pattaya Marathon.

Pattaya Marathon - Plan Ahead

Getting hotel rooms in Pattaya can be difficult any time of the year, it is a popular destination for holiday travelers and business travelers. When a world class event like the Pattaya marathon are in town it can be very difficult to get a hotel room so you want to book ahead.

Though there are many hotels and resorts to choose from, we recommend you consider the following venues: Budget Hotels - Siam Sawasdee, Loma Resort & Spa, A-One The Royal Cruise Hotel, Sawasdee Sea View, Chaba Hut Resort & Spa, Sigma Resort Jomtien and Sunbeam Hotel Pattaya, Moderately Priced hotels - Amari Orchid Resort, Asia Pattaya Beach Hotel, Eravana Spa & Resort, Garden Sea View Resort, Jomtien Palm Beach Resort & Hotel, Montien Pattaya Hotel, Royal Orchid Pattaya, Siam Bayshore Resort, The Horseshoe Point Resort, Tim Boutique Hotel Pattaya and Woodlands Hotel & Resort; High Class Hotels - Ambassador City Jomtien Pattaya, Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya, Royal Cliff Beach Resort, Royal Cliff Grand Pattaya, Royal Cliff Terrace Pattaya, Royal Wing & Spa Pattaya and Sheraton Pattaya Resort.

Pre-marathon carbohydrate loading can be enjoyed at: Ciao and JJ Pizza (for Italian cuisine) and Ali Baba (Indian) and Queen Victoria Inn and Pig 'n Whistle (for British cuisine).

The Pattaya marathon is one of the most unique events in Pattaya sports and participants are welcomed with open arms and the streets are lined with spectators as you make your way through the 26.2 mile course.

Last Updated: 11 Sep 2007