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Pattaya for Swimmers

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If you love to swim, you will love Pattaya and swimming in Pattaya. There are great beaches including Pattaya Beach and there are also pools to enjoy a nice leisurely swim or more intense swimming in Pattaya.

If you are planning to swim at a beach make sure you ask about undercurrents and other potential hazards.

Pattaya for Swimmers - the Beaches

Pattaya is the most successful beach resort area in Thailand. The city is close to the beach. There are adjoining beaches of Pattaya City from Naklua Bay to Wong Phrachen, and from Wong Amat beaches to Jomtien Beach in the south.

The most famous of all beaches are those of Pattaya Bay. Anyone who loves the sun or water activities, especially swimming, love Pattaya's great climate and nearly ideal swimming conditions. Swimming in Pattaya is a great experience for casual and avid swimmers alike.

Pattaya Beach - Swimmers Paradise

Pattaya Beach is the most famous of all the beaches. This beach starts at the Dusit Resort Hotel in North Pattaya and stretches to a small hill in the south. There are a great number of water sports that take place in Pattaya Beach including swimming.

Pattaya Beach also has great shopping, food and other activities to help you enjoy a full day in the area from an early swim to an evening swim and all day in between.

Jomtien Beach

At one time Jomtien Beach was paddy fields. More quiet than Pattaya Beach, Jomtien Beach also has great sand, clear water and wonderful sun making it ideal for swimmers to enjoy a full day. Swimming in Pattaya is one of the biggest reasons people flock to Jomtien Beach.

Jomtien Beach has great food and other modern comforts and you can enjoy your full day on and around the beach. The calm sea makes it perfect for swimmers and other water sports enthusiasts. You can enjoy Jomtien Beach all year round.

Nearby Islands

There are a number of nearby islands just a water taxi away that can help you enjoy more swimming, diving and snorkeling. Visiting these islands easy and convenient and will give you the opportunity to broaden your horizons as you swim on different shorelines and enjoy a wonderful vacation on legendary beaches.

Hotels & Resorts

Many hotels and resorts offer swimming pools. Some of the more popular resorts that offer great swimming pools are: Sheraton Pattaya Resort, Dusit Resort Pattaya, Marriott Pattaya Resort, Hard Rock Hotel, Royal Cliff Beach Resort, Royal Cliff Grand Pattaya, Royal Wing Spa, Royal Wing Terrace and Ambassador City Jomtien.

Swimmers have long enjoyed Pattaya for the perfect combination of beaches and pools. Pattaya is a swimmers paradise.

Last Updated: 11 Sep 2007