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Pattaya for Tennis players

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If you are a tennis player visiting Pattaya you will want to choose one of the resorts and hotels that offer tennis courts on premises or you will want to contact them to see if you can get a resort usage pass (for a fee) to use their courts if your hotel or resort does not offer tennis.

There are actually many venues where you can play tennis in Pattaya.

Hotels & Resorts with Courts

There are many hotels and resorts in Pattaya but not all of them offer tennis courts. The most popular and well rated hotels and resorts that do offer tennis courts are: Amari Orchid Resort, Central Wong Amat Beach Resort, Dusit Resort, Montien Hotel, Royal Cliff Beach Resort and Woodlands Resort.

Each of these hotels and resorts is highly rated and well respected so you will definitely enjoy your stay while also enjoying some great tennis in Pattaya.

Tennis in Pattaya is becoming increasingly more popular so finding a partner should not be terribly difficult. What may be difficult depending on the time of the year you are there and the occupancy level of the hotel is reserving court time.

Reserving Court Time

Pattaya is a popular holiday destination which means popular activities such as tennis and golf will require you to reserve court time or tee time. Serious tennis players should call their hotel after booking their room and ask them the procedure for reserving time and see if they can get their desired times before their arrival.

Some courts will be stricter than others but if you are interested in playing tennis in Pattaya you will want to spend some time inquiring before your racket goes unused while spending your holiday in Pattaya.

Many resorts also offer tennis professionals to help you with your game or teach you a new shot, or perhaps improve your serve. You should inquire ahead of time about the fees and scheduling of a tennis pro so you are assured a lesson or two during your stay.

Pattaya for Tennis Fans

Tennis becoming more popular and is considered a thriving sport in Pattaya and the whole of Thailand. You can ask your hotel concierge if there are any professional matches scheduled during your stay in case you want to try to get tickets and enjoy a match while on holiday.

Pattaya for tennis players is a haven. There are some great courts to play on, wonderful weather and plenty of other recreation, great food and wonderful accommodations to put together an amazing holiday that includes or even centers around tennis.

Last Updated: 11 Mar 2008