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Pattaya Shooting Range

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The Pattaya Shooting Range, also known as Tiffany Shooting Range is actually located at the same place as Tiffany Show - the legendary cabaret show where men impersonate female performers.

People looking for more unique Pattaya sports than golf or football may find the Pattaya Shooting Range a great alternative. Visitors to the range can shoot live ammunition from rifles and hand guns (pistols). Training and target shooting are offered.

The ability to add shooting to your list of Pattaya sports and recreation is another reason why people love to holiday in Pattaya. There are virtually limitless possibilities when it comes to Pattaya recreation.

Pattaya Recreation - From Guns to Drag

Where else but Pattaya can you enjoy a shooting range and a drag show in the same day in the same location? The Pattaya Shooting Range is popular with visitors who enjoy shooting practice or want to learn how to fire a rifle or handgun. The cabaret show is popular with men and women who enjoy truly over-the-top cabaret shows.

Tiffany Shooting Range and Tiffany Show are an example of what makes Pattaya unique. There is something for everyone in Pattaya and visitors with an open mind can enjoy many different things. Pique all your senses in Pattaya with great recreation, food, beverages and entertainment.

The "women" of the Tiffany Show are internationally known and you can expect to really be confused about their gender even though you know from the start the performers are all male.

Tiffany Show is one of the most famous of the cabaret shows of Pattaya and the Tiffany Shooting Range is one of the most popular sport facilities in Pattaya making this location a "must see" for anyone visiting Pattaya and looking for some unique Pattaya recreation and Pattaya sports.

Last Updated: 20 Mar 2008