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Pattaya sports are diverse. Travelers often marvel at the number and quality of sports offerings in Pattaya. When visiting this holiday paradise you will be able to watch, learn and participate in a number of different sporting events.

Water Sports in Pattaya

Pattaya is famous for its stunning beaches and nearby islands. Pattaya sports based in, on and under the water are thriving.

Diving is becoming one of the most popular water based sports. Divers find the best diving on the nearby islands of Pattaya since the shoreline close to Pattaya can be a bit murky. Mermaids is a PADI 5 Star dive centre in Pattaya. They offer daily opportunities to dive at wreck sites or more traditional dive sites.

Fishing is great and many people enjoy renting a boat or joining a charter. There are also luxury boat rentals. Many of the boats are extremely well maintained and provide all of the equipment you will need for snorkeling or fishing.

Jet skiing is available at Jomtien and Pattaya beaches. Many consider Jomtien Beach to be a better choice. The fees are reasonable and you can have a lot of fun. The equipment is generally well maintained.

Parasailing is another popular water sport. Available from 11am to 5pm, weather permitting, parasailing is perfect for the adventure traveler. You can expect to pay more money for parasailing then the other activities, but you can also expect to receive training and well maintained equipment. Pattaya is serious about safety.

Swimming is extremely popular at Pattaya Beach, Jomtien Beach and all of the pools at the hotels and resorts. Swimmers find plenty of opportunities in and around Pattaya for both leisurely and intense swims making swimming one of the best Pattaya sports.

Pattaya Land-Based Sports

There are plenty of Pattaya sports on land too. From football, beach football, golf, tennis and Muay Thai (Thai boxing) to Go-Karting, bowling and miniature golf, Pattaya offers something for everyone.

Football and beach football are very popular (for Americans reading this, this would be called soccer). Golfers love the many championship quality golf courses to choose from (over 20) while miniature golfers love the fun and challenging miniature golf course.

If you have a need for speed, try Go-Karting and the Miniature Speedway. Muay Thai is a spectacle to watch and great to learn. Many people are impressed with Thai boxing's power, grace and athleticism.

Visitors will find plenty of opportunities to enjoy an entire array of sports both on the land and water. Reservations are required for some sports but not all. Most sports offerings are reasonably priced and are high quality. Visitors are most often impressed with Pattaya sports.

Last Updated: 11 Mar 2008

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