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Takraw in Pattaya is a popular sport. Many people consider Takraw a national sport in Thailand. This sport is fun to play, learn and watch. For lack of a better description, Takraw appears to be a combination of volleyball and hacky-sack.

Takraw is played with a woven rattan ball. The ball is kept in air for the longest possible duration. Players can use their feet, knees, elbows and heads, but not their hands, similar to the rules of soccer.

The best athletes in Takraw have outstanding footwork. These athletes display power, grace, athleticism and agility.

Takraw in Pattaya - The Business Traveler

Business travelers to Pattaya can attend Takraw in Pattaya as part of a business meeting. This is a good event to bring clients and colleagues to. Also, Takraw can be a great team building activity at a conference. Participants can be given demonstrations and lessons on Takraw.

Getting tickets to a very popular match could be difficult but typically you can get them. You can ask the concierge at your hotel or resort if they have access to tickets and directions on how to get to the venue.

Takraw in Pattaya - Holiday Travelers

Sports fans and non-sports fans all like Takraw because it is a unique sport that combines athleticism, finesse, power and grace. The spectacle of Takraw makes it almost a combination of sport and dance which makes it an ideal choice for families traveling to Pattaya.

Though it is not necessary to fully understand the rules of Takraw in order to enjoy a match, if you have some basic understanding of its rules you will be better able to follow the game and explain it to the other people with you.

It is typically a good idea to experience the same activities and events as locals attend in order to get a true sense of their culture. Attending Takraw in Pattaya is like going to a baseball game in New York or a soccer match in London.

Many vacationers have commented on how unique their experience was when attending Takraw in Pattaya. We highly encourage visitors to the city who have the time to try to watch Takraw in Pattaya. You will be impressed with the athleticism of the athletes and the passion of its fans.

Last Updated: 11 Sep 2007