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An avid tennis player who wants to enjoy Pattaya tennis will probably want to choose one of the Pattaya resorts that offer tennis courts. Among the most popular resorts for Pattaya sports, and specifically for Pattaya tennis are: Amari Orchid Resort, Central Wong Amat Beach Resort, Dusit Resort, Montien Hotel, Royal Cliff Beach Resort and Woodlands Resort.

If you are staying at a hotel that does not offer tennis courts you can contact the above referred hotels and price out a resort pass that will give you the ability to use their tennis courts for a fee. Or you can try to find someone staying at the resort hat is looking for a tennis partner.

Pattaya Tennis - Increasing Popularity

Tennis, especially lawn tennis, is becoming more popular in Pattaya which means there are more opportunities for you to enjoy Pattaya tennis while on vacation. Many people enjoy Pattaya sports and now tennis is becoming one of the more popular sports in the area.

Because tennis in Pattaya is becoming more popular you will want to make sure you find out about when you can reserve court time and how long you can reserve time for. Every venue has different rules on court reservation so make sure you call ahead and are not disappointed.

Pattaya tennis is becoming internationally known and you may even be able to catch a professional match or two while in Pattaya and see ranked players on the courts. Pattaya tennis holidays include accommodations, tennis lessons and plenty of court time and these packages are becoming more available as the sport gains popularity.

Visitors to Pattaya can enjoy many Pattaya sports on the land and the sea. Pattaya tennis is one of the fast growing sports in the area and fans of the sport are able to find plenty of opportunities to enjoy a friendly or competitive match of tennis while visiting Pattaya.

Last Updated: 11 Sep 2007