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Coral Island near Pattaya

Pattaya offers many different water sports to choose from. In fact Pattaya water sports are among the finest anywhere in South East Asia. Anyone who loves the water will love a holiday in Pattaya and partaking in one or more Pattaya water sports. From the legendary beaches, to terrific pools to nearby islands, Pattaya offers many options for people who love the water.

Located on the Eastern seaboard, this seaside resort city has a tropical climate that is ideal for many types of water sports. From casual water sports to more hardcore water sports you have many options in Pattaya

Pattaya Water Sports - Swimming & Diving

You have a number of options for swimming and diving in Pattaya. The pools of the resorts and hotels as well as the beaches of Pattaya including Pattaya Beach and Jomtien Beach offer outstanding swimming for those who enjoy a leisurely swim or a more intense swim.

Diving tends to be better at the nearby islands than right off the cost of Pattaya. There are a number of options for divers and with several islands to choose you can explore a different coastline virtually every day of your holiday in Pattaya. Diving is quickly becoming one of the most popular Pattaya water sports.

Pattaya Water Sports - On the Water

Pattaya offers a number of different options for people who enjoy water sports on top of the water including: water skiing, yachting, sailing, rowing and jet skiing. Rentals are fairly easy to find and not generally can be found for a good price.

If you are feeling adventurous and want to try parasailing the boats generally pick up participants at the Bali Hi pier to take you out to the pontoons. Lessons/instructions are provided and safety is always the primary concern.

Sailing, yachting, parasailing and similar activities are weather permitting so you may want to keep your eye on the weather forecast as you plan your holiday. Plan your shopping and indoor site seeing on the worst weather days (if there are any bad ones at all) and keep your outdoor activities including water sports on the best weather days.


Do not be shocked if Thai people are swimming fully clothed, it is not uncommon. Thai people are private and generally do not show intimate areas in public. Though they understand that other cultures are not as modest, do not be surprised if a particularly skimpy bathing suit gets second looks.

It is not appropriate to wear a bathing suit to a temple or any place that business will be transacted.

Enjoy the wonderful beaches, pools and other water sports of Pattaya!

Last Updated: 15 Jan 2008

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Coral Island near Pattaya
Coral Island near Pattaya
Coral Island near Pattaya
Coral Island near Pattaya