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Around Pattaya: Chanthaburi Gemstone Mines

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Chanthaburi is the Gem Capital of South East Asia and the location of the Gems TV workshop.

Many people visiting Chanthaburi start off thinking it is a typical Thailand town though the main reason they are visiting the town is in search of great buys on Pattaya jewelry. They see Buddhist temples and an ornate skyline. The Thai houses that line the narrow streets and the vendors selling their wares make it very similar to many Thai towns. But the difference is, you can get the best buys on Pattaya jewelry and gems in Chanthaburi.

Chanthaburi and Gems... a Rich Tradition

Chanthaburi has a rich tradition of gems and has been the true center of gem mining and cutting for generations in Thailand. Starting in the early 15th Century, Chanthaburi started to gain a reputation as a center for gemstones, primarily rubies.

Gemstones continued to be mined in Chanthaburi for centuries and got close to being depleted. In order to keep the town flourishing local merchants began to import raw gemstones from around the world. The impressive sills of the local artisans helped keep the town flourishing as people sought the gemstones from Chanthaburi including rubies, sapphires, garnets, tourmalines and zircons among others.

Modern Gem Center

Chanthaburi developed relationships with key figures in the gem trade industry and continue to impress the world with high quality gemstones. Travelers who visit Chanthaburi Mines, or more accurately the town of Chanthaburi have the opportunity to buy superior quality gemstones at outstanding prices. There are nearly 200 different types of gemstones available for sale in this jewelry Mecca. It is easy to see why people looking for jewelry in Pattaya visit Chanthaburi.

Within an easy drive from Pattaya, many travelers to Pattaya view a trip to Chanthaburi for gemstones as a must. Bargain hunters and serious jewelry buyers love the quality and pricing of gemstones in Chanthaburi.

Visitors to Pattaya who are interested in jewelry and gemstones should plan a trip to Chanthaburi and explore the shops of this shining beacon of the jewelry industry and see why the reputation of Chanthaburi has remained unmatched for centuries.

Last Updated: 08 Apr 2009