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Pattaya beaches: Dong Tan

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Dong Tan Beach is considered by many visitors and locals to be a gay beach.

The majority of people who sunbathe and swim at Dong Tan Beach are gay and lesbian and view the beach as one of Pattaya's premier gay attractions.

Considered the cleanest and nicest beach in Pattaya, Dong Tan Beach is also popular with open-minded heterosexuals who do not mind being on a predominately gay beach in Pattaya.

Dong Tan Beach - Atmosphere

There is an accepting atmosphere at Dong Tan Beach, a likely result of the large gay representation at the beach. The beach which neighbors Jomtien Beach has a very relaxed atmosphere.

The beach has some shade with many beach umbrellas and pine trees. People marvel at how well kept and clean the beach is. Visitors note the large numbers of workers keeping the beach clean as compared to the other beaches.

Dong Tan Beach & Gay Pattaya

Pattaya's legendary nightlife includes plenty of gay attractions. From male go-go bars, to cabaret shows and male escorts, gay Pattaya is hopping. Many gay tourists start their day tanning at Dong Tan Beach before heading off to some of Pattaya's popular gay attractions.

Pattayaland Soi 3 is where Boyz Town is located (previously referred to as Boystown). Why the name change? To emphasize that Boystown is not all about underage boys.

There are many go-go bars in this area of town. Boyz Boyz Boyz is one of the most popular of the go-go bars and is considered an elite gay attraction in Pattaya. Some consider this area of town as the center of gay Pattaya.

There are other gay attractions including: Toy Boys, Splash Bar, Throb Nightclub, Le Café Royale's Piano Bar, A-Bomb a Go-Go, City Boys Bar, Classic Boys Bar and Star Boys Club.

Gay visitors to Pattaya find plenty to do. From the wonderful Dong Tan Beach to great gay attractions in Pattaya you will enjoy your time in Pattaya.

Last Updated: 19 May 2008