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Around Pattaya: Drating Waterfall

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Pattaya sightseeing can include many incredible natural sights including stunning waterfalls. One of the most picturesque of the Pattaya waterfalls is Nam Tok Drating or Waterfall of the Bull. This stunning waterfall is 1313 feet tall with rare and unusual rock formations that photograph beautifully. Many people who visit Chanthaburi to see the heart of gem production in Thailand will take the 28 kilometer trip to the Waterfall of the Bull (Nam Tok Drating).

While sightseeing in Pattaya you can fill your days with natural beauty including Nam Tok Drating and the other waterfalls in the area, as well as see stunning orchids at the Orchid Farm, incredible wildlife at Sri Racha Tiger Zoo and Khao Kheow, stunning rock formations at Nam Tok Drating and Million Years Stone park and more. The stunning attractions that highlight the beauty of nature are educational, enlightening, fun and unique.

Visitors to Pattaya are strongly encouraged to explore Chanthaburi and see the center of gems in Thailand and explore the mines before taking a short trip to see Nam Tok Drating. Make sure you have plenty of film for your Pattaya sightseeing tour, or plenty of memory on your digital camera.

People visiting Pattaya on a budget can enjoy these wonderful examples of natural beauty for little or no money depending on the site. This means the entire family can enjoy Pattaya sightseeing without busting your budget.

Travelers less enthralled with natural beauty may still enjoy a trip to Chanthaburi, especially for those who enjoy shopping and especially shopping for jewelry and gems. Chanthaburi is a place where you can see many rare, stunning gems before they hit the market and perhaps make a great deal on some jewelry for yourself or someone you love.

Combine Pattaya sightseeing to the Waterfall of the Bull with a trip to Chanthaburi and the great gem shops and history of this town.

Last Updated: 20 Mar 2008