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Pattaya theme parks: Elephant Village

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Elephant Village in Pattaya is one the most popular Pattaya attractions. Men, women and children have always been fascinated by animals and elephants are a wonderfully fascinating animal. The village is located on the road to Siam Country Club Golf Course (about km 145). Show time is 2.30 p.m.

Elephant Village stands tall among all other Pattaya attractions. Opened in 1973, Elephant Village as a sanctuary for former working elephants, this Pattaya attraction has been enjoyed by millions of men, women and children over the last five decades.

The elephants that grace Elephant Village have either been injured or too ill to do the work they were once doing in Thailand and are unable to be returned to the wild. These stunning, hulking yet graceful animals have been provided a safe haven with Elephant Village.

The Elephant Village is a non-profit company that cares for the animals and upkeep of the venue with the very reasonably priced cost of admission. One trip to Elephant Village and you will see why it is one of the most popular Pattaya attractions.

The Elephant Village & Khun Phairat

Khun Phairat has been an elephant trainer for over 30 years and he knows elephants more than almost anyone alive today. Khun Phairat and his staff care for over thirty elephants in Elephant Village.

The wonderful elephants in Elephant Village put on three shows per day that will put a smile on your face, touch your heart and help you share his passion for elephants. Of all the Pattaya attractions this is the one that will stay with you the longest.

A trip to Elephant Village will result in a better understanding and appreciation for these gentle giants. You will see elephants playing football and performing tricks that entertain and impress.

When visiting Elephant Village make sure you take the hour-long elephant ride. The cost is nominal when compared to other Pattaya attractions and it will be something you remember for the rest of your life. Elephant Village should be on all visitors' list of Pattaya attractions to see.

Last Updated: 19 May 2008