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Pattaya Fishing Villages A Return to the Past

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Pattaya, once a sleepy fishing village itself, has a number of fishing villages within driving distance.

These Pattaya fishing villages in addition to offering the best Pattaya fishing opportunities are also a great way to learn more about the Thai culture and perhaps get some great bargains along the way.

Two fishing villages especially renowned for offering great Pattaya fishing opportunities are Bang Saray and Samae San. Bang Saray is about 15 kilomters south of Pattaya and is great for angling. There are some restaurants and accommodations in the area in case you wan to extend your stay and enjoy some great fishing and wonderful seafood.

Samae San is another 17 kilometers further away and there are some fun bungalow-style accommodations. You can easily charter boats to visit Ko Samae San and Ko Rat as well as see some coral at Ko Kham.

Pattaya Fishing Villages - Live, Learn, Enjoy

Visiting Pattaya fishing villages is a great way to learn a little more about the Thai culture and live the experience. Spending time in these Pattaya fishing villages can be eye-opening and enjoyable.

Seeing how the men, women and children live in these often tiny villages will give you a greater appreciation of the Thai culture. You will also eat some wonderful meals with fresh seafood and other fruits and vegetables indigenous to Thailand.

Shopping in some of these Pattaya fishing villages is also popular because you will find some great, unique handicrafts and other items at very reasonable prices. It is important to remember to be respectful and never insult the people you meet especially when transacting business. Persistent and pleasant negotiation can help you get a better price, but resorting to insults or rudeness can have very negative consequences.

Visitors to Pattaya should consider daytrips to Pattaya islands and Pattaya fishing villages to experience the best Pattaya fishing opportunities as well as many other water sports and recreation.

Last Updated: 19 May 2008