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Pattaya islands: Surrounding Islands

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Pattaya is famous for great beaches and water sports. In fact Pattaya water sports are among the most popular sports in the city. Though water sports can be enjoyed right on or near the beaches of Pattaya there are some that are enjoyed more on the nearby islands of Pattaya.

People looking for Pattaya diving in particular find that diving is better in the surrounding islands where the water is less murky. Each of the islands has its own flavor and different water sports to offer.

Pattaya Islands: Ko Laan

Ko Laan, also known as Coral Island is just over 7 kilometers west of Pattaya. The island is approximately 5.5 square kilometers and has six very popular beaches. Most of the people on the beaches are Pattaya tourists on a day-trip to this great island.

Among the other water sports on Ko Laan you will want to check out the banana boat rides, parasailing and jet skiing. Scuba diving, snorkeling, seabed walking and submarine rides are also quite popular.

You can catch a ferry to Ko Laan from Bali Hai Pier for 20 Baht, the transfer time is about 35 - 40 minutes. You can also charter a speed boat for considerably more money.

Pattaya Islands: Ko Saak, Ko Krok and Ko Phai

Three popular Pattaya islands are Ko Saak (or Sak), Ko Krok (or Khrok) and Ko Phai (Bamboo Island). Ko Saak is a small island in the shape of a horseshoe with two interconnected beaches. The southern beach is great if you want to see coral, while the northern beach is perfect for swimming and snorkeling.

Ko Krok is a fairly isolated and rocky island with only a 100 meter stretch of sand. Visitors often consider it a romantic place, especially walking and seeing the coral reefs.

Bamboo Island or Ko Phai (as well as the other islands in the group) are the perfect islands for scuba divers. Many divers consider these Pattaya islands to be the best for diving. People also enjoy sunbathing, swimming, fishing and snorkeling during a day trip to these islands. There are no overnight stays on these islands.

Pattaya Islands - Ko Samet

This island can be reached by minibus and ferry in about two hours. A one-day guided tour will include about 6 hours on the island, as well as lunch, drinks and transportation. There is a national park on the island, there is an additional charge to enter the national park (more for visitors than for locals).

Visitors to Pattaya looking for Pattaya water sports and Pattaya diving will enjoy spending time on the Pattaya islands that surround the legendary city.

Last Updated: 08 Mar 2008