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Jomtien Beachfront

Jomtien Beach is one of the two famous Pattaya beaches. Pattaya Beach is a favorite of adults and partiers and Jomtien Beach is a favorite of sun worshipers, families and people who enjoy a great beach.

Many people who visit Pattaya beaches quickly conclude that Pattaya Beach is lively but the water is somewhat murky, Jomtien Beach is busy, but more filled with beach lovers than party lovers and the beach is considerably cleaner.

When choosing among the Pattaya beaches you will need to determine the atmosphere you enjoy and the activities you want to engage in.

Jomtien Beach - Water Sports

Jomtien Beach offers opportunities for many different water sports. People enjoy swimming, sailing, jet skiing and water skiing among other water sports at Jomtien Beach. These same activities are offered at both Pattaya beaches, but the fact that the water is less murky at Jomtien Beach makes it a more popular choice.

Visitors note that more native Thai people and families visit Jomtien Beach than Pattaya Beach. It is not uncommon to see locals swimming at Jomtien Beach, often fully clothed. Despite the fact that most visitors where traditional bathing suits and bikinis many local people are quite modest and will swim fully dressed.

Jomtien Beach - The Atmosphere

Jomtien Beach is less lively than Pattaya Beach but it still has life. There are people hawking everything from peanuts and fruit to pictures of the Royal Family. Some visitors find the intrusions a disturbance while others enjoy it as part of the local flavor of Pattaya and especially the Pattaya beaches.

Because Jomtien Beach is more family-friendly there is less risk of seeing anything inappropriate taking place on or near the beach though parents should still keep their eyes out.

Jomtien Beach - Food, Drink & Sleep

Jomtien Beach has its share of good restaurants, fun bars and great accommodations. Some of the restaurants you want to try include: Poseidon (German, Italian and some Thai food), Chippy (British), L'Olivier (French and Thai), The Enchanted Hut (Western menu), Budapest Restaurant (Hungarian), Hot Stone Grill (diverse menu) and La Bistro de ZaZa (call ahead, the place is small and offers good 3 course meals). The bars of Pattaya beaches are very famous and Jomtien Beach has some good bars to choose from. The Cosy Bar is one of the more popular of the Jomtien Beach bars, it's actually an excellent bar with great atmosphere and attractive, attentive staff. Another one to try is Breez Beach Bar.

There are a number of hotels and resorts you can try, some of the most popular and well received in Jomtien Beach are: Ambassador City Jomtien Hotel, Welcome Jomtien Hotel Pattaya, Rabbit Resort and The Pinnacle Jomtien Resort and Spa Hotel.

Whether you are staying in Jomtien Beach or not, it is definitely worth a trip to explore the beautiful white sand beach, enjoy a meal and soak in the unique flavor and atmosphere of Jomtien Beach Pattaya.

Last Updated: 19 May 2008

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