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Around Pattaya: Khao Cha Ang

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Khao Cha Ang is a stunning, magnificent stone mountain that includes stunning stalagmite formations, stalactites and cavernous mountain caves. The caves are known as Bat Cave, Lapae Cave, Te Dragon Cave and Water Cave.

These caves at Khao Cha Ang are rich with gold, minerals and a great deal of semi-precious gems and stones. You can also see hundreds of thousands of bats residing in these caves if you choose to.

Pattaya mountains and parks are known for their beauty especially against the backdrop of a busy resort town. Khao Cha Ang is a holy place where monks reside and learn the teachings of Buddha. These monks upkeep the beauty of the mountain which is a short distance from Ang Phak Nam waterfall.

Pattaya Mountains & Monks

The monks living and learning in Pattaya mountains including Khao Cha Ang must be respected. It is important to show these monks proper respect and never be rude. You should not physically touch a monk, especially if you are female.

When visiting spiritual places including Pattaya mountains and Pattaya parks make sure you act respectfully and properly while in the presence of monks and Thai people. Though the Thai culture is very non-confrontational they expect visitors to respect their traditions and spiritual places including Khao Cha Ang.

Visitors looking to explore the natural beauty of Pattaya should spend time at Pattaya mountains and Pattaya parks. From orchid farms and stunning parks like Three Kings Theme Park you will be able to commune with nature and its awesome beauty and power.

Make sure you have plenty of film in your camera or memory in your digital camera because all of these Pattaya parks and mountains offer great photo opportunities and images you will want to capture forever.

Last Updated: 20 Mar 2008