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Pattaya islands: Koh Phai (Bamboo Island)

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Visitors to Pattaya can enjoy some great daytrips including trips to the Pattaya islands such as Bamboo Island and all of the Koh Phai islands.

These islands are just a day trip, overnight stays are not permitted, in fact the area is controlled by and monitored by the Royal Thai Navy.

Many visitors to Pattaya enjoy taking a daytrip to get away from the hustle and bustle of Pattaya and enjoy some relaxation. Though the beaches of Pattaya can offer some respite, the Pattaya islands like Ko Phai islands offer much more serenity.

There are great beaches to be enjoyed on Ko Phai (Bamboo Island), Ko Klung Badan (Krung Badan), Ko Leom (Ko Lua), Ko Man Wichai and Ko Lin (Ko Rin). Scuba divers are especially fond of these Pattaya islands because it offers some of the best diving in South East Asia.

Swimming, fishing, snorkeling, swimming and sunbathing are just some of the water sports you can enjoy on these islands.

It is rather easy to get to these islands since you can charter a speedboat from Bali Hai Pier for about 2,500 - 4,000 Baht, even less if you are going from Ko Laan (which there are ferries to/from from Pattaya).

Pattaya Islands by Day - Pattaya Bars by Night

Visiting Pattaya islands like Ko Phai islands are a great way to get the best of both worlds. From wonderful water sports and relaxing beaches to the excitement and vitality of Pattaya bars and clubs a daytrip to the Pattaya islands adds a great element to your trip to Pattaya.

The Pattaya islands like the Ko Phai islands and Bamboo Island are perfect for families, singles and couples. There is something for everyone who appreciates great beaches and water sports. Add a day trip to Pattaya islands to your itinerary.

Last Updated: 08 Mar 2008