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Around Pattaya: Laem Chabang Deep Sea Port

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International seaborne trade continues to increase at a steady and rapid pace in Thailand. Essential to the overall success of the Thai economy, sea ports are a vital necessity and that is evident in the expansion of Laem Chabang Port. This deep sea port is considered the most important sea port in Thailand and in the region.

Expansion of Laem Chabang Sea Port

The sea port is located on the Eastern Seaboard. Between the y ears of 2000 and 2003 the port's total TEU (Twenty-foot Equivalent Units) increased by 45%. In 2007 a second basin is scheduled to be added that will increase the total TEU/year to 10.5 million.

Laem Chabang remains one of the most essential seaports in Asia and is Thailand's leading port.

Much of Thailand relies on this port, including Pattaya that does not have its own seaport. Consumer goods and supplies that come from overseas must be brought in through Laem Chabang.

There is tight security at the seaport, but some visitors marvel at the size and speed of the operation. Some visitors buy containers for shipping goods purchased while in Thailand including furniture and other large handmade items.

Laem Chabang Cruise Ships

Cruise ships port at Laem Chabang as part of Thai cruises or orient cruises. Many of the passengers on cruise ships visit Bangkok while some go to Pattaya to absorb some of the city's legendary nightlife.

Passengers on cruise ships are eager to see the stunning temples and bustling streets. Pattaya is the place they visit to enjoy beer bars, go-go bars, cabaret shows and beach activities.

The influence Laem Chabang has on the trade industry and the travel industry cannot be overstated. Thailand relies heavily on the port and the ships that bring goods and tourists to Thailand.

Last Updated: 19 May 2008