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Pattaya theme parks: Million Years Stone Park

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Pattaya attractions come in many shapes and sizes. Pattaya sightseeing can be centered around the beaches and nightlife or can be expanded to include some amazing Pattaya attractions including the Million Years Stone Park & Crocodile Farm.

Few Pattaya attractions are as diverse and as stunning as Million Years Stone Park. Many visitors marvel at what they see when visiting the park. Located just 15-minutes from Pattaya, the Million Years Stone Park is one of the most enjoyed Pattaya attractions by people who love nature, learning and exploring.

Pattaya sightseeing is not complete without a trip to the park and farm. Over two decades went into creating this amazing park that is a living museum filled with stunning flowers, plants, trees, shrubs, animals, vegetation and of course rocks.

Million Years Stone Park - The Grounds

Why is the Million Years Stone Park one of the most popular Pattaya attractions? The stunning grounds that are a true living museum make it a breathtaking, educational and cultural experience.

There are few places on earth where you can see stunning flowers and vegetation side-by-side with fossils over 1 million years old. Pattaya sightseeing is at its finest at this attraction. Visitors are mesmerized from the moment they step foot onto this 70-acre parcel of land.

Pattaya Attractions - The Shows

Pattaya attractions must offer something for everyone in order to be truly successful. The Million Years Stone Park offers a variety of shows that add to the allure of the venue. Tourists visit the park time and time again to absorb the atmosphere, photograph their surroundings and enjoy the shows that include tigers, crocodiles and many more exotic animals and cultural icons.

Men, women and children all enjoy this great Pattaya attraction and many consider it a must for Pattaya sightseeing. Often considered one of the most educational and fun of all Pattaya attractions you do not want to miss Million Years Stone Park and Crocodile Farm.

Last Updated: 19 May 2008