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Bottle Art Museum Pattaya

Pattaya museums range from traditional type museums to what can best be described as large outdoor museums. Visitors looking to experience something new and learn something will enjoy any of these options.

Bottle Art Museum

. The Bottle Museum is located on Sukhumvit Road. Bottle art has fascinated men, women and children for centuries and it is one of the best Pattaya musuems. Whether you are looking at an ornate ship in a bottle, a city scene, temple or animals, you will be impressed with the artistry and wonder of the Bottle Art Museum. There are over 300 pieces of bottle art in the museum. This is not a whole day activity but it is a great addition to any itinerary.

Ripley's Believe It or Not Museum

The extremely popular television series is the basis for this fun and unusual museum that is among the most favorite of Pattaya museums. You will see a very wide array of exhibits including very unusual finds. Some of the exhibits are the actual objects while others are replicas. This is a fun museum for men, women and children. You can also experience a flight simulator in the Motion Master Theater in the museum.

Sanctuary of Truth

This may not be considered a traditional museum, but it is educational and awe inspiring. This extremely large wooden structure covers more than 1 acre of land. Every inch of this amazing structure is covered with stunning wooden hand-carvings. Admission is a little more expensive than other museums but you will find the Sanctuary of Truth to be one of the most memorable spectacles you see.

Million Years Tone Park

You may want to think of this as a large outdoor museum. This is one of the most popular places in Pattaya for day-time recreation. The park is rather large and full of rock gardens and incredibly landscaped grounds. You will see fossilized plants more than 1 million years old, as well as Thai-style bonsai trees more than two centuries old. Crocodile pools and other rare animals will also keep you entertained.

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden & Cultural Village

This is not a traditional museum but has some of the same qualities - you will learn and be entertained by its spectacles or exhibits. This is a 500-acre park that is incredibly well landscaped and features stunning orchid nurseries. You will also get to see cultural shows including folk dances, sword fighting and other traditional ceremonies. You will want to see the Thai boxing demonstration and the always popular elephant show.

Wat Yansangwararam

This royal temple is a short 15 kilometers from Pattaya City to the south. The temple is stunning and it enshrines a replica of the Buddha's footprints. A large Pagoda where relics from Lord Buddha and Lord Buddha's disciple are on display is also a great exhibit.

All of these museums make a great afternoon or morning of educational fun where you can explore a new culture and satisfy your curiosity.

Last Updated: 11 Mar 2008

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Bottle Art Museum Pattaya
Bottle Art Museum Pattaya
Bottle Art Museum Pattaya
Bottle Art Museum Pattaya