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Pattaya Beach Road: a Virtual Tour

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Pattaya Beach Road is arguably the most famous road in Pattaya, one of the hubs of Pattaya nightlife and Pattaya restaurants. Visitors are strongly encouraged to take at least one walk along Pattaya Beach Road and see the sights hear the sounds and taste the delights that await them.

We will start your walking tour of Pattaya Beach Road at Naklua Road and have you walk south towards Walking Street.

Pattaya Beach Road from Naklua Road to Soi 4

Your stroll down Pattaya Beach Road may begin at the popular Amari Beach Resort, or perhaps if it is meal time you will start at La Gritta Italian Restaurant. As you head south the beautiful Pattaya Bay will be on your right-hand side and great Pattaya restaurants, examples of Pattaya nightlife and shopping will be on your left.

If you are looking to enjoy some Pattaya nightlife during your stroll down Pattaya Beach Road between Naklua Road and Soi 4 you will want to stop in: Henry J. Beans Bar & Grill, BJ Restaurant, Bar & Guesthouse, The Graph Pub and The Green Tree Pub.

While walking down Pattaya Beach Road you may build up an appetite, so step into any of these restaurants for a bite to eat: La Gritta Italian Restaurant, Henry J. Beans Bar & Grill and Chowlay Seafood Restaurant.

The view of the Bay may catch your fancy and if you choose to find accommodations on this section of Pattaya Beach Road you have some solid choices including: Amari Beach Resort, Beach View Hotel, A-One Royal Cruise Hotel and Charming Inn Hotel.

Pattaya Beach Road from Soi 4 to Central Road

Continue your walk down Pattaya Beach Road enjoying great Pattaya restaurants, the legendary Pattaya nightlife, shopping and more. As you make your way south you will continue to come across some great places to pique all your senses.

Hungry visitors walking on this section of Pattaya Beach Road will want to step into one of these good Pattaya restaurants: Deutches Haus German Restaurant, Korean BBQ Restaurant, Golden Lotus Restaurant, Kim's Restaurant, Mai Kai Polynesian Supper Club, Sala Mekhong Garden Restaurant and Zeppelin German Restaurant.

If you have Pattaya nightlife on your mind while touring this section of Pattaya Beach you will not be disappointed, pop into a drink at: Vic's Beer Garden or one of the great restaurants along the path. Shoppers will delight with great buys at: Thai Celadon Gift Shop, Vilai Handicrafts, Gems & Diamonds, Malee Clothing Shop and Thai Pan Gifts.

There are hotels and other accommodations along this section of Pattaya Beach Road as well including: Tropicana Hotel, Twin Palms Resort, Merlin Pattaya Hotel, The Montien Pattaya Hotel and Nova Lodge Hotel.

Pattaya Beach Road - Central Road to Soi 10

If you are enjoying too much of the Pattaya nightlife you may not have the energy for this section of Pattaya Beach Road but its definitely worth the trip. You can enjoy good food, beverages and other Pattaya nightlife as you walk down Pattaya Beach Road from Central Road to Soi 10.

If Pattaya nightlife is what is bringing you here, then keep in mind the following venues to explore: Center Beer Bar Complex, String's a Go-Go, Wunder Bar, Poppy Beer Bar, Mon Cherie Night Tour Beer Bar, Jambo Beer Bar and Beer Bar Complex.

As hunger pains hit you walking down Pattaya Beach Road you can dine at any of these restaurants on Pattaya Beach Road: Poppy Garden Restaurant, Pink Lady Restaurant, Thai Food Restaurant, Narissa Chinese & Seafood Restaurant and Noble House Restaurant.

Where should you stay on this section of Pattaya Beach Road? You may want to check into The Siam Bayview Hotel.

Pattaya Beach Road - Soi 10 to Walking Street

Keep your energy level up for the last section of Pattaya Beach Road. You will find something for everyone here from great Pattaya restaurants, many options for Pattaya nightlife and plenty of shopping and accommodations to choose from.

Shoppers will enjoy a trip down this section of Pattaya Beach Road that is filled with jewelry and gem shops, leather shops, gift shops and more. You can find virtually anything and everything on Pattaya Beach Road.

There are many Pattaya restaurants lining the street. Some of the most popular of these restaurants are: Sherenpunjab 2, Hopf Brew House, Spaghetti Factory, Baywatch Café & Restaurant, Tips Restaurant, Cups Restaurant and Alt Heidelberg Restaurant.

Pattaya nightlife is hopping here, so you may want to step into: 5 Star Beer Bar, Ocean Deep Beer Bar, Tahitian Queen A Go-Go, Wandee Beer Bar, Scandanavia Beer Bar, Hopf Brew House and Best Friend Beer Bar.

Intrigued? You will want to stay at any of these hotels and resorts: Natural Beach Hotel, Nautical Inn, Royal Garden Hotel and Lido Beach Hotel.

Your journey down Pattaya Beach Road will be a memorable one filled with great examples of Pattaya nightlife, Pattaya restaurants and bars and of course plenty of shopping!

Last Updated: 19 May 2008