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There are churches and temples in Pattaya and surrounding areas. Some may think that these churches and temples are out of place in a city known for decadence, however, many people worship in them and seek solace.

Visitors to Pattaya should be respectful of these religious venues and dress appropriately and act with respect when visiting them. This is especially true in temples. Remember to never touch a monk, especially if you are a woman.

Diversity in Churches & Places of Worship

Pattaya is known for diversity. Every aspect of Pattaya exudes diversity from its resorts and hotels to its bars and clubs to its restaurants and nightlife. Diversity is also prevalent in the churches and other places of worship.

Pattaya has four primary influences on its culture: Thai; Chinese; American and Australian. Throughout the city you can find temples and churches. The temples are Buddhist as 95% of all of Thailand is Buddhist.

In Pattaya you will also find diverse places of worship including: New Vision Christian Fellowship (Thepprasit Road); Pattaya International Church (Soi Roongland), St. Nikolaus Catholic Church (Skuhumvit Road), Pattaya Church (Soi 5) and Victory Family Church (Soi 8).

Pattaya Churches - Getting There

Visitors wishing to visit the churches of Pattaya can get there a number of ways. The most popular and economical means of transportation are the songthaews. Songthaews are a cross between pickup trucks, buses and taxis. You can expect to pay 10 Baht for a ride.

You can also use a taxi, motorbike taxi or commission a songthaew to give you a private charter. Taxis and private charters are the most expensive options for getting around Pattaya.

For those in a rush to get to church the fastest means of transportation (but also the least safe) are the motorbike taxis. Though legally only one passenger should be on a motorbike taxi, it is not uncommon to see two or more passengers on one.

One of the wonders of Pattaya is the fact that it lends itself to many different interests and cultures and that extends to Pattaya's churches and temples.

Last Updated: 11 Sep 2007