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Saithip Butterfly Garden

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Saithip Butterfly Garden is a unique Pattaya sightseeing attraction filled with beautiful plants, trees and of course butterflies. There are few places in the world you can go where you are surrounded by hundreds or thousands of butterflies.

Children are especially struck by this Pattaya sightseeing icon. Most children are enamored with insects and butterflies. In most places you rarely see butterflies or if you do you see only a few. At the Butterfly Garden you can be surrounded by hundreds or thousands of butterflies in the main pavilion.

Visitors concerned by the fact that visitors pay more money than locals should not be. The fee for admission is extremely inexpensive and butterfly lovers will find it a very small price to pay.

Pattaya Nature at its Best - Butterfly Garden

The natural beauty of Pattaya is evident on its beautiful beaches and scenic hills. The Butterfly Garden is a chance for you to see Pattaya nature at its best with beautiful orchids surrounded by dancing butterflies.

This attraction is clearly intended for people who love nature, insects and especially butterflies. Visitors who are less than impressed with these sights may want to consider other venues for Pattaya sightseeing.

When visiting the Butterfly Garden you want to make sure you have sufficient film for your camera or memory on your memory stick. You will be able to get some great close-up photographs of butterflies while at the Butterfly Garden.

Butterfly and insect collectors will want to spend some time in the gift shop that includes some wonderful butterflies for sale as well as other great gifts and souvenirs.

The Butterfly Garden is an inexpensive yet fun addition to your Pattaya sightseeing. You should only plan on staying a couple of hours, possibly a little longer depending on how fascinated you are with butterflies. You can add the Butterfly Garden to your itinerary and have plenty of time for other Pattaya sightseeing.

Last Updated: 28 Sep 2007