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Siripon Orchid Farm

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Thai Orchids

Pattaya sightseeing can include everything from animals, temples and shows to nightlife, restaurants and even orchids. Many people enjoy seeing stunning orchids. These fragile, beautiful and exotic flowers are in abundance in Pattaya, especially at the Siripon Orchid Farm.

People looking for a memorable experience during their Pattaya sightseeing tour should plan a trip to the orchid farm. With over 300 genera of orchids, the Siripon Orchid Farm is a haven to anyone who loves nature, beauty, flowers and especially orchids.

Orchid Farm - The Orchids

At the heart of this attraction are the stunning orchids including the Queen of the Orchids - the Cattleyas. These gorgeous orchids are famous for their vibrant, flamboyant colors. You can see wonderful examples of these famous orchids at Siripon Orchid Farm.

The Dendrobium Parishii are also on display at the orchid farm, including there 1,500 species and thousands of hybrids. These beautiful orchids are native to Pattaya and other Asian areas.

Whether you are there to absorb the atmosphere, photograph the stunning orchids or perhaps buy some of these beautiful flowers, you will enjoy Pattaya sightseeing at the orchid farms.

A Day of Pattaya Sightseeing

Your trip to the Orchid Farm can be part of a full day of Pattaya sightseeing. You can enjoy a wonderful meal at one of Pattaya's affordable restaurants including: Ali Baba (Indian), Ciao (Pizza/Italian), JJ Pizza (Pizza/Italian), Queen Victoria Inn (English Pub), Rice Mill (Chinese), Vientiane (Thai, Indonesian), Tips (Breakfast), and Pig 'n Whistle (English Pub).

Other family-friend attractions that can be added to your Pattaya sightseeing tour are: Sri Racha Tiger Zoo, Million Years Stone Park and Crocodile Farm and Song Nooch Tropical Garden and Cultural Village.

Anyone visiting Pattaya should add to their Pattaya sightseeing itinerary a trip to Siripon Orchid Farm where the center of attention is one of nature's most unique flowers - orchids.

Last Updated: 26 Mar 2008

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Thai Orchids
Thai Orchids
Thai Orchids
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