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Around Pattaya: Sriracha Tiger Zoo

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Pattaya attractions appeal to people from all around the world, especially the Pattaya attractions that include animals. One animal that has captured the imagination of children and continue to be a fascination to adults is the tiger.

Sriracha Tiger Zoo is a 30 minute drive from Pattaya and is well worth the trip. This 100 plus acre zoo has over 200 Bengal tigers and over 100,000 crocodiles. There are also may other animals that can be seen in their natural habitat.

People marvel at the beautiful, powerful, graceful and dangerous tigers that are the center of the Tiger Zoo. The Sriracha Tiger Zoo is the only one of the Pattaya attractions that will give you the opportunity to learn about tigers and have your photos taken with tiger cubs.

Pattaya Attractions - Family Friendly Fun

Sriracha Tiger Zoo is a great family-friendly Pattaya attraction. In a city known for decadence and adult entertainment, the Sriracha Tiger Zoo stands tall as one of the premier family-friendly Pattaya attractions.

Well worth the price of admission, the Tiger Zoo features a restaurant, hundreds of animals and other great entertainment. Make sure to see the Scorpion Queen, the crocodile and elephant shows and the pig racing.

Those visitors in Pattaya between May and August should visit Sriracha Tiger Zoo to experience the "Crocodile Hatching Festival" and see amazing crocodiles hatching from their eggs.

Make sure you bring your camera and have plenty of film or space on your memory card. You will find hundreds of photo opportunities when you visit the Tiger Zoo during your holiday in Pattaya.

Families, singles and couples will all enjoy Sriracha Tiger Zoo as one of the most unique of all Pattaya attractions.

Last Updated: 19 May 2008