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Suan Chaloemphrakiat

Pattaya Attractions | Fitness and Health in Pattaya

Most visitors to Pattaya will simply refer to Suan Caloemphrakiat as The Fitness Park. Located at the foot of Pattaya hill (Phratamnak Road), this great little park was built in honor of His Majesty The King's sixtieth birthday in 1988.

The park is an ideal place if you are looking for Pattaya fitness centers other than those located at resorts and hotels. You can engage in a number of Pattaya sports on the grounds or visit the on-site fitness center.

Jogging, walking and running are particularly popular at the Pattaya fitness park. The trails among the manicured grounds offer a perfect setting for a leisurely or more intense workout.

Many people who visit Pattaya and enjoy the wonderful cuisine and the legendary nightlife look for Pattaya fitness opportunities to help stay in shape, relax and enjoy their holiday in Pattaya.

Pattaya Fitness - Walking, Jogging, Running

Whether you are gearing up for the Pattaya marathon or you simply enjoy an early morning run or jog, you will not be alone when you visit Suan Caloemphrakiat Fitness Park. Virtually every day there are throngs of runners, joggers and other visitors to the Fitness Park.

Take a nice long run or jog around the park then enjoy reading or book or relaxing on the beautiful grounds. There are few places as nice and as easy to get to as the Fitness Park in Pattaya that allow for great Pattaya sports and exercise.

It is usually a good idea to get your run completed in the morning before the temperature gets too high, later in the afternoon you can visit the park to relax or go to the fitness center.

There is no disputing that people seek Pattaya fitness opportunities in addition to the many other Pattaya recreational activities and nightlife. One of the best venues to stay in shape while on holiday in Pattaya is Suan Caloemphrakiat Fitness Park.

Last Updated: 27 Sep 2007