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Tham Khao Wong

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Tham Khao Wong Forest Park is a short drive from Pattaya and well worth the trip. The area is mountainous and perfect for hiking and enjoying great Pattaya recreation. The total mountain area is approximately 1,000 acres with the highest elevation being 637 meters above sea level.

The forest park includes many steep mountains that are great for hiking and mountain climbing as well as for seeing and photographing nature and wildlife. There are great streams, wonderful rock formations and incredible vegetation to add to your Pattaya sightseeing adventure to Tham Khao Wong.

Trips to Pattaya parks and nearby parks like Tham Khao Wong are a great way to explore the uniqueness and diversity of Thailand. From the bustling city with incredible nightlife in Pattaya to the serene and beautiful Pattaya parks you can get a greater appreciation for the beauty of Thailand, especially in and around Pattaya.

Pattaya Sightseeing - Broadening Your Horizons

Pattaya sightseeing can and should go beyond the indoor museums and shops or the themed attractions and parks and should include more natural Pattaya parks and recreation. Communing with nature is something Thai people enjoy and appreciate and visitors can do the same by visiting Tham Khao Wong Forest Park.

A great, economical way to enjoy a day in Thailand is to pack a lunch and visit the great Pattaya parks including Tham Khao Wong Forest Park. You get a full day of Pattaya sightseeing and recreation and store up plenty of energy if you want to take part in the legendary Pattaya nightlife when you return to town.

Families can enjoy these Pattaya parks since there is something for everyone. Whether you want to enjoy the streams and rock formations, picnic, hike, bird watch, take photographs or explore, there is plenty of recreation at Pattaya parks like this forest park.

Last Updated: 27 Sep 2007