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Pattaya Underwater World

Underwater World in Jomtien is one of the most popular attractions in Pattaya, especially for families. Family attractions in Pattaya may be outnumbered by more adult-oriented attractions, but Underwater World stands tall as an outstanding family attraction in Pattaya.

How to Find Underwater World

The easiest way to get to Underwater World is by a songthaew or taxi. Located in South Pattaya on Sukumvit Road, you just need to follow Sukumvit road towards Jomtien and look for a very large white building.

Tickets are very reasonable. Adults pay 360 Baht, children pay 180 Baht.

Underwater World - Your Glimpse Under the Sea

Pattaya is famous for its beaches and the glorious Gulf of Siam. People never grow tired of looking at the sea and Underwater World in South Pattaya gives visitors the ability to get a look under the sea.

Literally thousands of examples of underwater sea life are on display and over 200 species. From the known to the completely unknown there are many eye-catching creatures, plants and other underwater exhibits. For many a trip to Underwater World may be the first and only opportunity to see a shovel-nosed shark or the deadly but stunning lionfish.

Your Walk Through an Underwater World

Underwater World is unlike traditional aquariums. Visitors are not simply walking by large fish tanks, but rather they are walking through a specially crafted tunnel that puts you underwater in an exciting and stunning world.

From your first glimpse at the rock pool with leopard sharks, sea cucumbers and sea rays you will begin to be drawn into this stunning underwater world. Children can actually reach in and touch a star fish or sea cucumber.

You will see sharks up close and personal and many other sea creatures. Few attractions in Pattaya are as rewarding and as family-friendly as Underwater World. This a must for any traveler looking for family friendly attractions in Pattaya.

Last Updated: 19 May 2008

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Pattaya Underwater World
Pattaya Underwater World
Pattaya Underwater World
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