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Pattaya temples: Wat Sansuk Suthiwararam (Heaven-Hell Park)

Pattaya Attractions | Free Pattaya Attractions - Heaven-Hell Park

Wat Sansuk Suthiwararam, Heaven-Hell Park, is a unique place to visit. One of the free Pattaya attractions that are worth the trip, this fun and creative park displays very large statues in stone and wood that depict our sins and malicious forms of punishment for each sin.

Some say that the Heaven-Hell Park is a warning and a life-lesson. How many free Pattaya attractions may help you keep the kids from behaving badly? This one may just do the trick.

The free admission means you have nothing to lose except some time, but if you are on holiday then your time is as free as this exhibit.

Pattaya on a Budget - Free Pattaya Attractions

Many people visit Pattaya on a budget and free Pattaya attractions are a great way to stay within your budget and also enjoy unique sightseeing in Pattaya. While visiting Heaven-Hell Park and other free Pattaya attractions you may want to include some low-cost dining.

Some low-cost dining we recommend include: Queen Victoria Inn (authentic, traditional English Pub), Lobster Pot (seafood), Rice Mill (Cantonese), Vientiane (South East Asian), Tips (very inexpensive breakfasts), Pig and Whistle (British Pub), Ali Baba (Indian), Ciao (Pizza), Alt Heidelberg (German), PIC Kitchen (Thai), JJ Pizza (pizza) and Pectopah (Russian).

Combining one or more of these less expensive restaurants with free Pattaya attractions make it easy to enjoy Pattaya on a budget.

Include Heaven-Hell Park (Wat Sansuk Suthiwararam) on your list of things to do in Pattaya and enjoy this free Pattaya attraction.

Last Updated: 08 Mar 2008