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Pattaya temples: Wat Yansanwararam

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Wat Yansangwararam Chinese Water Pavilion

Wat Yansanwararm is considered the most important temple of all Pattaya temples. This is a modern temple built under His Majesty the King's patronage and it includes building of Chinese style, Japanese Style and Indian style.

Wat Yansanwararm is considered a centre for meditation and is at the same time stunning, awe inspiring and serene. Visitors to Pattaya should consider visiting as many Pattaya temples as their schedule allows including Wat Yansanwararm.

Though famous for its nightlife, Pattaya is deeply rooted in that Thai culture and that means there are many beautiful Pattaya temples throughout the city and surrounding areas. You can spend an entire day visiting Pattaya temples.

Pattaya Temples & Etiquette

Many visitors plan an entire day or morning visiting Pattaya temples. The reason for planning to visit all the Pattaya temples on your list in one day is so that you can be assured you are dressed properly. When entering a temple or any place of worship you want to make sure you do not offend.

Keep the following general rules in mind concerning Pattaya etiquette in general and specifically in Pattaya temples: 1) feet are considered dirty, do not expose them (which means no sandals, flip-flops or similar types of footwear), never point them at someone and never raise them on furnishings or anything else; 2) monks are deeply religious and should be respected, never touch a monk or make inappropriate comments; 3) Thai people are conservative and you should dress appropriately if visiting a temple (no revealing clothing).

Pattaya Temples - Worth the Trip?

Few visitors disagree about the fact that Pattaya temples are well worth the trip to see them and the attention to details for Pattaya etiquette. Thai temples are known for their ornate and unique style. Westerners are especially struck by Pattaya temples.

Though Pattaya is most famous for its nightlife and adult recreation, the city is also known for some wonderful temples and great sightseeing of places with religious and spiritual significance. Make sure you save time for seeing Pattaya temples, especially Wat Yansanwararm.

Last Updated: 19 May 2008

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Chinese Museum (Wihan Sian) at Wat Yansangwararam
Wat Yansangwararam Chinese Water Pavilion
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