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Pattaya currency is the Baht. Visitors will want to exchange their currency for Baht. It is generally a good idea to make sure you have small units as well as larger units. For example having exact change for songthaews is the best way to have an efficient experience with public transportation.

There are foreign currency exchange booths throughout Pattaya as well as banks and other locations where you can exchange dollars, pounds, euros or other forms of currency for Baht. You will want to note the exchange rate as it can change daily.

Many hotels can also help you with exchanging your currency into Pattaya currency - Baht. It may be a good idea to keep a conversion chart handy so you know how much things cost you in the currency you are familiar with. Some visitors find it difficult to do the mathematics off the top of their head and could wind up paying more than they anticipated for something.

When visiting Pattaya you do need to have the traditional form of Pattaya currency - the Baht. You can exchange your currency at the airport or prior to arriving in Thailand. Visitors are strongly encouraged to have some Baht prior to arriving in Thailand and visiting Pattaya.

Last Updated: 11 Sep 2007